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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Welcome to my blog, the new space I'll be sharing snippets of my life and chatting about my favourite things!

At around the age of 13 I had the idea to start an online diary (inspired by that Hilary Duff movie: The Perfect Man) as a way to release my creative side and of course become the cool and edgy character that Hilary portrayed... Fortunately this never ended up happening and I saved myself years of embarrassment in the form of awkward neon outfit posts.

But do not fear! I no longer own any blindingly bright items of clothing to share with you, just my slightly strange personality and average writing skills ☺︎

Anyway, I thought I'd start off with a completely self-involved post - you know, begin how you mean to go on and all ;) So here are 20 facts about me, just so you can get to know me a bit.

1. My name is Coco
2. Yes that is my full name
3. I am 18 years old, 19 on September 28th (omg)
4. I have been born and raised in England, just outside of London
5. My mum is part Jamaican and Chinese which is where I get my crazy hair from
6. I'm FINALLY finished with school
7. I'm now terrified for my unknown future
8. My gap year plans consist of visiting multiple countries and doing work experience (hopefully)
9. Edinburgh University is the place I want to continue my education (hopefully)
10. I studied Economics, Maths, Further Maths and Physics at A Level - trust me I have no idea why either
11. My dream is to have a job where I can be creative every day
12. I love social media and I'm not afraid to say it!
13. My personal style is undecided, I flit between edgy, 90s and Parisian.
14. I adore makeup and the way you can use it to express your day-to-day mood
15. I LOVE going to festivals, gigs and concerts and seem to always be completely broke due to this
16. Sport has pretty much been my life all the way through school and I've done a cr*p tonne of them
17. I've never met anyone famous before, but One Direction once ran past me in the street followed by a storm of girls back when they were on the X Factor, and thats the closest I've come
18. I own a bullet journal where I enjoy designing aesthetically pleasing pages with my hoards of stationary
19. My absolute favourite band right now is The Night Café
20. I'm extremely excited to continue this blog and see where it leads me!

Thank you for reading, I hope you stick around...

Coco Mallory ♡

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