Skiing 2018 - St Anton, Austria

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Me in my Dad's 20 year old ski suit, pretty retro hey

Last week, my lovely dad treated myself and my sisters to a little holiday in the Austrian alps for 7 days.
Skiing is something we've done as a family for over 10 years. I remember being a tiny tot in kids club, slipping down the slopes in snow plow, eating so much schnitzel it was coming out of my ears and of course the many tumbles I took which miraculously never ended in injury *touches wood for luck*. The paper certificates of progression and plastic medals that every child got but still made me feel like the best in the group. The year when I finally got to ski with my dad for the first time because I was good enough to keep up with his speed. I've loved every second (minus the time I wet myself in my new pink camouflage ski trousers).

Last week was no exception. With the weather changing it's mind every day, we were challenged with little-to-no visibility and then blessed with a warming sun the next. The food, as usual, was delicious and abundant which was needed due to the relentless exercise we put our bodies through. Each muscle in my body was aching and sore in the evening, but nevertheless we skied just as hard the next morning.

I like to think I'm quite good at skiing, maybe not to a professional, but that's down to my dad. Yes, Skischule (ski school) did teach me the basics but it's my dad who taught me style and awareness. His 'attention to detail' in everyday life (or OCD as I like to call it) really shines through when he gets the opportunity to teach something to someone. After many repetitions of exaggerated 'up-down-ups', planting my pole to turn and keeping my shoulders facing down the slope (it's hard to forget a lesson from Masterclass Michael) this meant I was bound to come out with at least somewhat respectable form :) Thanks dad xx

Daddy-daughter pic ♡

Throughout our days in St Anton, we explored all the best areas: up the Galzig, Rendle, Stuben, Zurs and of course my fave restaurant in St Christoph with the slide down to the toilets.

As you can see from the pics, it was particularly beautiful this year and packed with snow! I swear this is the first time I've not come across an icy patch; some slopes pretty much felt like you were off piste. 

Skiing will always be one of my favourite types of holiday to go on and hopefully next time I might learn to snowboard (something I've wanted to do for ages now). It all comes down to good food, fun and family.

Have you ever been skiing? If so, where do you suggest I go next?

Coco ♡

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