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Thursday, 2 November 2017

Oops I did it again! *sings Britney Spears for the rest of the day* 

So yeahhh, I spent a little more money, money that I don't have (should be saving) but I am justifying this by writing a blog post about it :) logic.
I went on Cult Beauty just for a browse and ended up caving and putting some items in my basket. Here they are!
First thing I got is actually a necessity, I swear! My concealer has been empty for at least a year now (slightly exaggerated) and I have been lying to myself that anything I have SCRAPED out of the tube is even a bit useable. This called for something fresh and I bought the NYX concealer in Fair, something that I've never tried before but have heard a lot about. Its very affordable so is cool with me so far but I'll give you the full low down soon.

I also purchased my first Beauty Blender (!!!) in the classic neon pink colour. I think it's one of the medium sized sponges but it does grow a fair bit when damp and is kinda fun to use, it's v squishy.

For my upcoming spa nights I have planned to do along with lovely Lush bath bombs, I got these TONYMOLY pore strips to try out. I don't usually do this type of thing because I can't be bothered to buy the stuff, but seeing as I didn't have to leave my bed to get these, it was only appropriate.

Bruised Violet
Onto the exciting part :) Two Bleach London lip kits in the shades Bruised Violet and I Saw Red made their way into by basket and I really love the colours! They are both super vampy and autumnal and do not feel sticky on your lips. You do have to layer them up a bit, but once they're on, they will not budge!

I Saw Red

They both come with a lip pencil and liquid lipstick and have a lot of product in them for the great price!

However, a smack on the wrist for me for spending rather than saving. I promise I'll try my best to save my money from now on...

Coco ♡

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