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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

 As per the request of a certain friend of mine (you know who you are ☺︎), I thought I would share my absolute favourite films that are currently on Netflix. Quick heads up: there's quite a lot! I've arranged them into categories for easy perusing and have added each Rotten Tomatoes  rating with a short description on my top 2 picks of each section, just to entice you into watching them.
So grab some popcorn, a refreshing drink, curl up in a cosy blanket and enjoy!


. Django Unchained - 87%

⭐︎ Mad Max: Fury Road - 97% 
(An adrenaline-fuelled reboot of the original Mad Max classic. It is 2 hours of non-stop action carried out by a star studded cast and edited in a fast moving way, similar to the style of Baz Luhrmann's Romeo and Juliet.)

. The Martian - 91%

. Nerve - 67%

⭐︎ Everest  - 73%
(A harrowing tale of tragedy and survival, this film with take you through all the emotions! Based on the true story of the 1996 disaster, it is a real tear-jerking portray of such events)


. Hot Fuzz - 91%

. Kick-Ass - 66%

⭐︎ Bridesmaids - 90%
(Literally the funniest film ever, no matter how many times I watch it! This is perfect to watch with your best friends at a pizza night and I can guarantee abs by the end from all the laughing :) Even though it is typically seen as a chick-flick, guys, do not shy away from this to protect your manhood, you'll just be missing out.)

. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective - 46%

⭐︎ What To Expect When You're Expecting - 22%
(Don't be put-off by the low rating above! Although it is clearly not a visual masterpiece, this film still serves some laughs in one of those everybody-is-conected-in-some-way type of stories. Chase Crawford (Nate Archibald from GG) is also in it sooo it's obviously a must watch, amiright ladies and gents?!)

. Bride Wars - 10%

. Two Night Stand - 40%
(Not one of my top 2 comedies, but just have to say that Miles Teller is more than enough of a reason to watch this *dreamy eyes*)

. The Joneses - 63%


. Gone Baby Gone - 94%

⭐︎ Sleeping With The Enemy - 26%
(Way better than this rating, I am always on edge watching this film. Laura is in an abusive relationship but escapes to try and live a normal life, however, her obsessive husband tries to hunt her down and keep her for himself. This is a truly gripping film.)

. Perfect Stranger - 11%
(Great twist, should be higher rating.)

. The Virgin Suicides - 76%

⭐︎ The Shawshank Redemption  - 91%
(Andy is sentenced to 2 consecutive life terms in prison for murdering his wife and her lover. However, only he knows he never committed the crime. I can't say much else or I'll ruin the story, but this is a must watch!)

. Crash - 75%

. Captain Phillips - 93%


. The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas - 63%

. Slumdog Millionaire - 92%

⭐︎ Schindler's List - 97%
(A powerful and important award-winning picture depicting the facts of the Holocaust. This is a must watch.)

. The Beach - 19%
(Again, this is much better than the rating.)

. Into The Wild - 82%
(Incredible. I need to read the book now!)

. Remember Me - 27%

. 127 Hours - 93%

. 8 Mile - 76%

⭐︎ Good Will Hunting - 97%
(This film. So bloody brilliant I don't know where to start. It's a story about a young man with a genius-level IQ but working as a janitor. His talents are discovered but he has a run-in with the law and must begin therapy sessions so as to reduce his punishment. Here he begins a new friendship which changes his life.)

. The Pursuit Of Happyness - 67%


. Madeline - 62%

. Flushed Away - 73%

. The Swan Princess - 50%
(One of my childhood favourites.)

. Spy Kids - 93%

⭐︎ Hook - 52%
(Another great film starring Robin Williams! This is a whimsical story of a man named Peter Pan who travels to Neverland in search for his children who were stollen from him in the night by none other than Captain Hook. I loved this film when I was younger and still do, so many memories.)

. Matilda - 90%

. Sinbad: Legend Of The Seven Seas - 45%

. A Series Of Unfortunate Events - 71%

. Chicken Run - 97%

. Shark Tale - 35%

. Shrek - 88%

⭐︎ Anastasia - 85%
(I can't even tell you how many times I've watched this, it's a bit ridiculous! Although an animated story about a princess, this in fact is not a Disney film believe it or not! It is actually a Fox Animation Studios production, but by no means is it not just as great as the likes of The Little Mermaid or Pocahontas. This is one of those films that makes me feel cosy and happy ♡)

. Madagascar - 55%


. The Notebook - 52%
(I know, I know, it's so basic. Still cry every time though.)

. Titanic - 88%

⭐︎ The Way He Looks - 92%
(In this coming-of-age romantic drama, Leonardo is a blind teenager trying to navigate new relationships whilst hiding his sexual identity. It is a foreign film so has subtitles but that really should never stop you.)

. Lolita - 67%

. Maid In Manhatten - 39%

. My Best Friend's Wedding - 72%

⭐︎ Notting Hill - 83%
(Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts, do I need to say anymore? Just in case you need more persuading, this is about a London bookstore owner who meets a famous American actress and their relationship that follows. It is funny, sad and just makes me very happy!)

. Love Actually - 63%

. Love Rosie - 31%


. Men, Women & Children - 32%

⭐︎ Wild Child - 40%
(Spoilt American girl is sent away to a very English boarding school to correct her mischievous ways. She has a plan to be so bad she gets kicked out so rallies her new friends to help. A mix up, romance and lacrosse match ensue which adds up to be the perfect chick-flick.)

. Me, Earl And The Dying Girl - 82%
(Really great, also need to read this book!)

. Angus, Thongs And Perfect Snogging - 72%
(Probably won't read these books but the film is a classic and has some of my fave quotes e.g "I don't need a nose job or blonde hair 'cause my sex-god boyfriend likes me just the way I am". I mean come on, that's hilarious.)

. Just My Luck - 14%
(Much better than the review, plus McFly trying to act is v. funny.)

⭐︎ 13 Going On 30 - 64%
(Now this really is a classic! Jenna is a geeky girl at school and all she wants is to be "30, flirty and thriving". She gets what she wishes for and is magically aged by 17 years to the life that she thinks she wants. She is finally popular, pretty and rich, what more could you want? But of course something goes wrong and she wants to go back. I watched this loads when I was younger, this is perfect for a sleepover with your pals!)

. Sixteen Candles - 86%

. The Breakfast Club - 88%

As you can probably tell, I really hate scary/horror movies so haven't included that as a category simply because I don't watch them :) Don't get me wrong, I love a good thriller or jump scare, but I do not see why it is necessary to make films about paranormal activity or a mad man who makes people into a centipede. Not cool. 

So those are my lists of favourites on Netflix, minus a few which have been removed over the years like Keith and Whiplash (which you should deffo watch anyway). I hope this gave you some ideas for future movie nights or just an insight to my very varied taste! 

Now go veg out on the sofa for a while :)

Coco ♡


  1. Well now I'm all stacked for next time I just feel like watching a movie, so thanks babe!! A couple of my favourites are The Duff, 50 First Dates (one of my FAVS), Friends with Benefits, Hitch, and How to Be Single. A lot of romcoms as you can see, and honestly that's what happens when you fall in and out of your feels so often, hahaha. xx

    Kyia Belle //

    1. ahh i love all of those as well! just a shame they aren't on the UK Netflix ;( xx


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