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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Hello hello, welcome back! Today I am sharing 2 quick, cheap and easy DIYs that I put up in my bedroom (but they could be used anywhere really) a couple of weeks ago. I was inspired by the the upcoming spring season and wanted to get my start to 2018 much more colourful and happy :) So, naturally I hopped on over to Pinterest and Tumblr to look at some  d r e a m  interiors of mine and the same day drove to HobbyCraft to grab some supplies.

Lets get started!

So to begin is this (in my opinion)  s t u n n i n g  flower wall. This is perfect if, like me, you don't have a headboard to you bed or you just have a huge empty space.

 Things You Will Need
lots of fake flowers
masking tape

First of all you will need to cut you flowers down to a reasonable length, long enough to tape down but also similar lengths to the rest. I used our kitchen scissors because I don't have pliers, but the metal wire in the stems was super hard to get through so I would recommend using a more durable tool.

Next, all you have to do is stick them to your wall in whatever pattern you think looks best! SIMPLE.
Whats good about the masking tape is that it isn't strong enough to pull paint off your wall which means you can move the arrangement around until perfect.

However, a downside is that the flowers may be too heavy for the tape. To fix this I used pins to stick them in the wall, but this does leave small holes so be aware! Also if you think you're going to want this to be super permanent, use a little bit of hot glue to really get them on there.

Next up is a little mix on a classic photo wall.

What You Will Need
printed photos
natural coloured string
wooden clothes pegs

Step one would be to choose the pictures you want on your wall. I used some artsy ones from tumblr because I already have a wall dedicated to friends (luv ya). I used an app called FreePrints to get 45 photos professionally printed and delivered to me, only paying for the shipping which was about £3! I also used that app for every other pic in my room and for presents etc. LOVE IT.

So once you have got your chosen prints I suggest arranging them in a line of the order you want them on your wall. Then cut the sting to your desired length, peg the pics to it and stick to the wall.

When I first did this, I actually had 4 rows of 5 photos but realised when they were up on the wall that it was too over powering so I narrowed them down to just 2. 
And, to tie the two separate pieces together, I added a spare flower between the strings which I think makes it 10x cuter :)

Do tell me if you get the reference in the pic above ;)


I hope you like these little projects as much as I do and are inspired to do a little DIY of your own! The best part about these is if you get bored (which I easily do) they are easy to take away or change with the seasons (I ♡ TNC) e.g use leaves and orange flowers in Autumn. Plus they don't break the bank!

See you next time,

Coco ♡

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