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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

If you've been tagging along with my blog for a while now, you may have discovered that I. love. reading. Many a time I have mentioned how recently (within the past year) reading has once again become a huge part of my everyday life, whereas before 2017 begun it unfortunately took a bit of a back seat in my priorities. Well, as I very much want this habit to continue developing I thought I'd aid myself by making sure I always have a new novel to hand, and what better way to do that than have one automatically delivered to me every month?!

I first discovered the joy of book subscriptions when I was perusing the depths of BookTube (youtube channels completely dedicated to reading!) for some new ideas on what to pick up. I believe I had clicked on video created by AClockworkReader (Hannah) with a title along the lines of "a bookish unboxing" which I was intrigued by as I am usually used to those being about beauty and fashion.

So I watched, and I LOVED. Immediately I began researching subscription boxes I could use as unfortunately the one Hannah showed only shipped to the US. After comparing tens of sites, I settled on a UK born company called the Book Box Club, founded by Libby and Kate, completely dedicated to the YA genre. The website reads that every month (depending on how many you pay for) a little cardboard box will be delivered to you doorstep containing at least one book and an array of treats that match the theme of the story. I needed this. So as Christmas was around the corner, I popped the 6 month subscription on my list to Santa which he kindly gave me :)

Having received both my December and January boxes at the start of the new year (with huge apologies from the girls) I thought I'd share what they contained before February rolls on and a third is in my possession.

Sidenote: You can just order the subscription which is solely for the books and none of the added hoopla.

To begin, the December box brought with it a chilling theme of magic and heroism set in the wintry lands of Russia. Not one, but TWO books were hiding at the bottom of the tissue paper, both by the author Katherine Arden. The first 2 books in her trilogy to-be, The Bear and the Nightingale (paperback) and The Girl in the Tower (hardback), were the main features of the month but complemented by the other little nic-nacs. Both books also contained handwritten sticker autographs from Katherine herself!

Also inside, I found a small packet of homemade gingerbread marshmallow, a very Christmassy treat  indeed. However, as my box was accidentally sent out late the girls were very kind to add another tasty treat just for me! A solid bar of milk chocolate with caramel notes was also encased with a sweet note from Libby and Kate to say Sorry! It was demolished within seconds, I can guarantee. 

A deep navy scarf with a gold shimmery tree pattern lay alongside a pretty, lined notebook which read "bibbity bobbity boo" across the cover. Glinting in the corner was also a dainty charm bracelet with a tiny Russian doll attached (Baba Yaga, who is connected to the books) and a cool blue pencil stating that "fairytales do come true".

I could not have been more pleased with my very first box!

Onto January where the theme was Geeks Unite, a box dedicated to celebrating cleverness and passion for all things nerdy. Enclosed in the sea of turquoise tissue paper was the book of the month: The Fandom by Anna Day (once again with a signed autograph). From what I gathered from the blurb, this book is about a girl who is obsessed with the fandom for The Gallows Dance, a famous comic. She is somehow transported into the story itself and has to battle her way out by literally following the plot of the comic's hero. The trick is if she dies in the comic, she dies in real life. I am hoping this will be a gripping book and am quite eager to delve in!

Also included was a black tote bag with a graphic on it saying lines like "cunning is stunning" and "it's chic to be geek" which is pretty cute. A magnet with an artsy quote, a neon pink candle and some stick on nails (which I probs won't use to be honest) were picked out.

But I have to say my favourite item that I was sent has got to be the mini book calendar. Just like many other yearly calendars, the months are displayed opposite a picture of some sort. In this case, each picture is a piece of artwork created by one of the twelve small artists chosen by the Book Box Club. Clearly, the one that I  a d o r e  most is of Hermione Granger and her fluffy cat, Cruickshanks, sitting in the nook of a window at Hogwarts with her nose inside a book. Each month also has a brainy quote and another geeky character to mirror it.

Love love love this box :)

I hope you enjoyed having a peek at what was inside the December and January editions of the Book Box Club subscription. I highly encourage you to sign up to one of these and get reading! If you don't like YA, there are so many other subscriptions out there for example Bookishly's Tea and Book Club where funnily enough you get sent a flavoured tea along with a vintage classic every month.

Are you part of any subscription already? Also which of these two boxes do you think would be your favourite?

See you next week,

Coco ♡

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