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Wednesday, 24 January 2018

As a Brit, I am automatically programmed to be obsessed with going on holiday. Escaping the cold confines of the small island that is the UK is, I would say, a main goal of many residents of this country.
Unlike places such as the USA, the United Kingdom has limited experiences to offer in terms of differing climates, landscapes and sights. Don't get me wrong, I love me some rolling hills and a good castle visit every now and again, but there's only so much rubble and ruins a girl can take knowing the rest of the world is left to explore.

Personally, I count myself as a dreamer. I am consistently struck with waves of wanderlust and ideas of travelling to the edges of the earth to uncover new and exciting ways of living. Many a time I have thought to myself, I'm just going to save up for a plane ticket to anywhere, pack a bag and go; I'll figure out the rest when I get there, maybe get a job and stay for a while. Of course, at my age its not that easy and I doubt my parents would allow me to jet off without a solid plan/location for them to contact me from. So for now, I'm going to continue dreaming and maybe someday soon, one of them will become a reality!

I thought this would be a great area for me to name some of the top destinations on my list, both for your reading pleasure and to maybe kick-start my journey by making it that little bit more REAL.
So, here are my current top 10 travel destinations.

1. New York
2. South Korea
3. Singapore
4. Australia
5. Hong Kong
6. Toronto
7. Moscow
8. Germany
9. Amsterdam
10. Bali

Hopefully I can accomplish some of these in 2018! But tell me, where are you from and what are a few places you want to visit? 

See you next week,

Coco ♡

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