Days at the Quarry

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Now, unfortunately I'm not usually the type of person to pop out puns at will but don't QUARRY, there'll be a couple SWIMMING about today!
Jokes, I don't have any more.

As we all know, the English weather is something of a mystery to the whole nation and don't we love to talk (complain) about it! In a previous post I myself had a little ramble about the dreary sky, however, since then there have been a few golden days which my friends and I took full advantage of because we knew it wouldn't last long enough to have a real summer...

Plans of a bike ride, picnic and swim at the quarry were formed and carried out (the last a little begrudgingly after a night out on the town) which meant for a lovely last few weeks with the pals before everyone started to disappear off to uni. 

Before these few days (that I will treasure forever) I had never even heard of the quarry that was 10 minutes from my house but am now so happy to have been introduced to it! I used to think where I lived was pretty boring with not much to do, but have now realised, I just wasn't looking hard enough! It really is true that its not the place, but the person. YOU are the only one who can make something of your surroundings, if you do nothing then nothing will happen. Simple.

*Lecture over*

Here are some snaps of our days at the quarry :)

A little picnic from Tesco!

My beautiful best friends xxx

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed these days as much as I did (a lot).

Coco ♡

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