Halloween Haul

Monday, 23 October 2017

The countdown begins! With only 7 days left until Halloween I decided it was now acceptable to fill my bedroom with all things pumpkin (I would fill the house but my sisters aren't too keen, boo). So I bought myself a collection of decorations from various shops that I want to share with you to show you don't have to spend a crap tonne to get in the spirit!

Firstly, for my bed I purchased this yellow velvet cushion from Asda Home for just £5 (bargain!!) to help set the tone of the room. Now I know it's not overtly Halloween themed, but I wanted the whole look to somehow subtly say "I love Halloween but I'm also a sophisticated adult".  How have I done?

Next on the shopping list was a couple of munchkin pumpkins as I like to call them, but I'm pretty sure they're just some type of squash?? They were £1.50 each from my local flower shop but I also saw some in my local garden centre and Tesco. 

For a cute little touch, I got this pumpkin garland for £2 from Waitrose to hang on the side of my bed, great value!

Tea lights are a m.u.s.t for Halloween as they can create an eery atmosphere wherever they're placed. These candles are needed for in pumpkins, lanterns and dotted about inside and out, just be careful not to forget about any and burn down your home!

To house a tea light, I decided to get a pumpkin lantern also from Waitrose for £2 (there's a theme here) which glows orange when lit.

Now these next candles I don't actually plan on burning just because they're so cute and I don't want to ruin them! They're the pumpkin candles from Waitrose, also for £2.

Lastly is a pack of fake autumn leaves I found on eBay for around £1 which I have used to make my own garland from and dotted some more around my room.

If you're like me and don't have the funds to go full out and dec your house from head to toe in bats, spiders and webs (oh my!) but aren't feeling festive enough, then these cheap accents will curb your craving! They may be little, but I promise they make a huge difference :)

Coco ♡

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