Botanics Skincare Review

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Skincare has never really been a top priority of mine, even when I went through that super spotty faze in my early teen years. I've always been the type of girl to spend as little time, effort and money as possible on my skin simply because I'm lazy and prefer to spend on clothes and food... 

So the only products I have been using are the Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion and Dual Action Moisturiser however, after many years of using the same cleanser that has a crap tonne of chemicals that make it hard to breathe when I apply it to my face just because its quick and cheap, I've decided to change it up!

I went for a stroll down to my local Boots on a mission to buy something less harsh for my face that also wouldn't break the bank. I stumbled across the brand Botanics because the pretty pink packaging caught my eye and the fresh scent was right up my street! I thought I'd start simple and just get the cleansing foam washpurifying face scrub, and hydrating day cream otherwise I know if I gave myself 10 new products I'd freak out and never use them all. Cant be getting ahead of myself!

Botanics has an extensive line of products so there's something for every skin type! I noticed they also don't test on animals which is a plus and are associated with the Royal Botanic Kew Gardens, so the ingredients are plant based and natural. 

After using these for just a week I've noticed my skin has been more glowy and extra soft. The moisturiser is thick enough to protect my skin from getting dry in the the cold wind, however lightweight so I don't feel sticky. The exfoliater isn't too harsh so it feels like your skin is being rubbed right off (sorry for the image...) but still gets rid of any dry patches and leaves my skin even. Lastly, the foam wash feels so lovely! It gets bubbly easily and a little bit goes a long way (as does with the others) so my skin feels fresh and clean in the morning and just before bed :) 

I really love these products and can't wait to try the rest of the collection to see if it's consistent. I will keep you updated...
Obviously this collection won't work for everyone as we all have different skin types, but you have more of a chance finding the perfect product with Botanics as they have a range of lines to suit almost all faces. 
If you've tried any of these or another range, I'd love to hear your verdict!

Hope this was helpful :)

Coco ♡ 

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