My Top 10 Netflix Shows for Autumn

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Just like everyone else after a long day at work or school, I love to have a night in curled up on the sofa with some yummy snacks and a good show on the TV. Particularly at this time of year when the skies begin to darken at 3pm, getting cosy and relaxing in the evening is the perfect way to complete a day. Netflix has been my go-to with the exception of Dr Foster and The Great British Bake Off, so I thought I'd share my faves/new finds that I believe are a must watch for Autumn. 

1. American Horror Story

I first watched this series last October on the run up to Halloween to get myself into the spirit and I must say, it did not disappoint! Each season has a unique and super interesting story however the same actors are used to play different characters which I LOVE, so much talent! Personally, I'm being very brave if I watch this before I go to bed because some episodes are genuinely terrifying, thats why I normally watch it during the day or at least when I know there's someone else in the house haha. I'm currently re-watching Murder House and it is still just as scary second time around!

2. How to Get Away with Murder

If you like mystery and clever twists to a plot, you will love. this. show. HTGAWM is one of the most resent series that I have watched and quite embarrassingly caught up to date in just a few months... With the 4th season being aired, I now have to wait until it's on Netflix as I don't have Sky :( and I am most upset about this. The story follows a law professor who's students get wrapped up in a murder which she tries to help with covering up whilst working on the crimes of the clients who she represents. I am constantly shocked and it's just a bonus that Alfred Enoch (Dean Thomas in Harry Potter) is one of the main characters! Dreamy boy ♡

3. Gilmore Girls

I ADORE THIS SHOW, my god! Even just thinking about it, I get this warm and slightly nostalgic feel, instantly feeling happier :) Lorelai and Rory are the most likeable characters ever, I feel like we're friends... (sounds weird I know) but I really relate to Rory in many ways - dealing with the pressures of a private school and being incredibly awkward are the main contenders - which makes the series even more enjoyable. Also I would love to live in Stars Hollow! It's always so festive and super close knit :)

4. Teen Wolf

This is another more Halloweeny themed show which is about a teenage boy who gets turned into a werewolf, I bet you didn't see that coming! Other spooky creatures and monsters are involved and we follow the mischief that they get up to. It can be quite scary at some points as there are jumpy moments however, it is also very funny and makes me laugh loads, especially Stiles who is played by Dylan O'Brien - moment of appreciation for this beautiful guy. I would watch it just for him, seriously.

5. Sherlock

Benedict Cumberbatch plays the eccentric and highly intelligent Sherlock Holmes - perfectly may I add - and we join him and Dr. Watson in solving very strange mysteries. Sherlock is an interesting character and you grow to love/laugh at his unique little quirks. Each episode has a new mystery to solve and are equally as exciting as the last! I have watched it all at least 3 times through...

6. Riverdale

Netflix have done it again! Another original series that the whole world and their dog have been glued to recently, the second season having just been released. The programme is about a small town in America who is left shocked and devastated by the disappearance of a member of the Blossom family. The plot describes the investigation into the mystery and includes the goings on of 5 teenagers  in the town and their involvement. I have to say I don't think the acting is the best I've ever seen but the story makes up for it!

7. Gossip Girl

This series could actually be my favourite of all time. Correction. It is. Just like Gilmore Girls, the feeling I get when I watch this just makes me so happy and nostalgic (which is probably why I've watched all 6 seasons 3 times each!). Theres something so endearing about following the lives of these rich american teenagers in New York City which makes you come back for more. One minute you'll be relating to the bitchiness of mean girls at school and the next a million miles away when they're splashing the cash on extravagant parties and clothes, a perfect mix. xox

8. Bates Motel

Another slightly scary and creepy programme which is great for October about the old ghostly motel a mother and son move into. I have only just started this so don't know much about it, however I have heard good reviews and from what I've seen so far, it is a good little thriller.

9. The Vampire Diaries

Yet again, I have re-watched this series 3 times (I'm beginning to wonder where I get all the time to watch all of these!) and plan to many more times haha. As you can tell from the title, it is about a girl who meets a (very attractive) boy who turns out to be a vampire, and she writes in her diary about all the horrors that falling in love with him brings. If you love teen movies, this will be perfect for you! Another bonus is all the hunky guys ;)

10. Stranger Things

Last but definitely not least, we have the alien wold of Stranger Things. Now I'm not the type of person who really likes aliens or am interested in anything to do with them, however I powered through this series at great speed and am incredibly excited for the new season to come out on the 27th! The kids are all such good actors and really bring to life the mysterious disappearances of their friends and family. It a story like none I've seen or read before and I really recommend giving it a go!

I hope you like my top picks, do write in the comments if you agree with any that I mentioned and more suggestions are very welcome! Clearly I need more to watch... not.

Watch out for some more Halloween/autumn posts soon :)

Coco ♡

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