What I Got For My 19th Birthday!

Sunday, 1 October 2017

On the 28th September 1998, little baby me took her first breath in the ever so lovely hospital of Watford, England. 19 years later, here I am with hundreds of incredible memories and experiences under my belt and stepping into the Big Wide World. How time flies! 

For me (and probably most people above the age of 13) birthdays seem to get less and less exciting the older I get (excluding the infamous 18th because we all love using our IDs legally for the first time). Whether thats just because I don't want to grow up or because I don't have that one present I can't stop thinking about like my 6 year old self who desperately wanted one of those toy brownie makers so I could have my own little bakery. I never got one which was a good idea from my parents as I would have used is religiously for a week and then tossed it aside because I was bored. However, the more years that pass, I don't feel like I want/need things anymore (well except clothes because I can never get enough haha) so this means I never ask for anything in particular.

Funnily enough, my friends and family (very generously) always find things that I myself didn't even know I wanted! I'm super grateful for the bits and bobs I was gifted and can't wait to use them, so if you're reading this... THANK YOU!!

Here is my loot :)

My mum got me this pretty little jar from Homesense that I think I'll stuff some cotton balls in or maybe my lipsticks! The Brandy Melville jewellery is from my friend Liv, I love how cute and dainty they are and I've already worn them both and ADORE them :)

I got this mount/holder for my car because I don't have a sat nav and need to use the maps on my phone, v useful. These sweet pics are from another friend, Nici, and I have more from Georgie but they're already up on my wall! I'm actually running out of space now because I have so many!

My new pumpkin spice candle, also from Homesense, came from my mum again and has been filling my bedroom (well the whole house really) with a lovely autumnal, warm scent. It's super cosy and calming :)

Here I have a gold aux cable also for my car curtesy of mother dear and a large bottle of prosecco from the girls! woop woop :D I also bought myself a little bday gift from Morphe, the 35F eyeshadow palette and the MB25 blending brush. I'll be doing an appreciation post of this soon!

Saving best for last (although I love all my gifts!!) my friend Sophie got me two vinyl records from two of my fave artists: Sundara Karma - Youth is only Fun in Retrospect and Ady Suleiman - This is my EP. I have played them both on repeat since :)

Thank you again to all my friends and fam for such lovely and thoughtful prezzies! Hope you enjoyed reading,

Coco ♡


  1. Awwwww that's so sweet your friends and family got you so many thoughtful gifts! Hope you had an amazing birthday :)

    1. I know right, I'm a lucky girl! :) and thank you ♡


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