Morphe Fall Into Frost Eyeshadow Palette

Thursday, 5 October 2017

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word: Autumn? Personally, I immediately imagine being outside in the crisp air, being wrapped up in my cosiest scarf and standing next to a huge mountain of leaves in every shade of orange, red and yellow possible. 

Well, that scene of cool winds, warm layers and beautiful nature has been transformed into the most perfect eyeshadow palette ever made! eep!

As you've probably already seen by the title, I am raving about the Morphe Fall into Frost palette which I recently got for my birthday :) It's honestly my favourite makeup product right now and I've really enjoyed creating different eye looks with it (even when I'm having a lazy day at home). I mean, just look at it... it's so bloody gorgeous and sparkly! *adoring look*

Not only is it pretty than me, it was extremely well priced for the abundance of shades and quality of product you get at £22.50 (from Beauty Bay). The shadows blend really well and have a kind of creamy consistency which I love because it makes them super pigmented! 

Here are the swatches in rows from top to bottom...

This. gold. is. incredible. 

It is also great that there are dome matte blending colours included as all the rest are blindingly shimmery!

If you also love a warm toned makeup look and experimenting with lots of colours then this will be the palette of your dreams :) It is particularly gorgeous if you have green eyes as the oranges and purples really juxtapose against them and make your eyes pop!

I also think this is a great palette for if you are just getting into makeup because it isn't super expensive and you get a crap tonne of choice without it being too intense. It's also really hard to mess up with these shades, its not like a neon green which can either look runway ready or like a 5 year old has gone to town on your face aha :)

Anyway, I highly recommend this product and would love to know if anyone else is as obsessed with it as I am! I will be posting a face of the day soon where I use this, so stay tuned.

Hope you enjoyed reading,

Coco ♡

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