Travel Tips - Packing For Japan!

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Konnichiwa! Or should I say sayonara since in just 2 days I'm off to the land of sushi and blossoms? My dad, sisters and I are taking a trip to Japan for an express tour through Tokyo, Nikko and Kyoto, places I've only ever dreamed of going. I couldn't be more excited! Lists have been written, blog posts planned and film bought for my camera (lots of it!) and I can't wait to share it all when our journey is done. 

Our visit is 9 days long in total so in order not to over-pack I have planned my outfits (roughly, we all know I'll change my mind when I'm there) and thought I'd show you my packing process. I pride myself on my ability to cut down the contents of my suitcase, a prime example being when I took the minimum of 2 tops and 2 leggings for a 5 day DofE expedition (I can't say I smelt so fresh at the end, TMI, but it did lighten the load on my back for sure). So, hopefully this could help you in your future packing needs!

First tip: Write a list 
It might seem unnecessary but when you get to your hotel and go to plug in your phone to charge and realise you don't have an adapter, you'll regret not making one in an instant. I always split it into categories, starting with clothes. Toiletries/makeup are next followed by entertainment/electrical and finishing with what I want to take in my carry-on. 
Don't forget that clothes includes you pjs and socks!
It's also great to have as a checklist for coming home so you know you haven't forgotten to grab the hairbrush from the shower.

Tip 2: Weed out the none-essentials
This means going through your list and really thinking about whether you'd miss it that much if you were to leave it behind. Every little bit of weight adds up and if you, like us, will be lugging your case to a few different locations then you will thank yourself for getting rid of that GoT book set.

Tip 3: Take earphones or earplugs
Whether you're on a long haul flight with a screaming baby or next to the busy elevator of the hotel, you will be scrambling for something to cover your ears to get a wink of sleep. Personally I use earphones and listen to music to drown out all noise around me but I know some people must have complete and utter silence in order to drift off, plugs are the one here.

Last tip: Bring a book
For me this is easy, I pretty much take a book with me everywhere so I can whip it out on the train, carpark or in this case: the plane. However, for others (like my sis) reading is not usually on the cards so they don't bother. This is a B.I.G mistake! Especially on flights lasting longer than a couple hours, a book is essential for the moment your phone dies or you've watched all the good films on board. Not only this, but all of the travelling in between serves for reading time. And just think, there's always the possibility some attractive and mysterious person with an accent will strike up a conversation with you based on the fact you're both reading the same book. A girl can only dream!

I hope these tips help you out in some way! I know they're kind of common sense but in the rush and excitement of the days leading up to a trip, minds can be elsewhere and it is easy to forget. Just remember, before you lock the door and jump into the car to the airport, ask yourself: Have I got my passport and boarding pass? haha maybe that should've been tip 1!

I would love to know: What is something you never leave without? Also if you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Safe travels!

Coco ♡

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