Redecorating My Bedroom!

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Since about the age of 10, my bedroom has seen every colour of the rainbow on its walls and many different arrangements of furniture. Being the smallest room in our home, it's very easy to revamp every now and again due to the minimal cost and effort which is great for me as I tend to get quite bored with my surroundings and am proactive enough to do something about it.

My mini obsession with interiors all started when my mum surprised me and my sisters by painting our walls neon green (which I LOVED at the time, but grew out of it by 13) and wallpapering one of my walls with this cool pattern. Then over the following years, I have gone from green to white to light blue back to white and have only just decided to cover up the wallpaper.

This is what the set up was a few days ago which I loved as it gave me the space to do homework and store my things, however since finishing school I no longer need it and feel like I am too old to have a "princess bed" (as I called it). I'm also a little traumatised from when I fell down the ladder face first and got a nice green bruise down my shin (which is still lumpy!).
So I decided to sell it and now a cute little girl has a new bed for her 5th birthday and "is very excited  to play on it", as her dad told me. As for me, luckily we had an extra bed in my sisters' room that I could use instead of buying a new one.

So here are some pictures of my process, which I did all by myself (because I'm a DIY queen) apart from disassembling my bed which mother dear helped me with as it was incredibly heavy and I didn't want to damage it (or myself). 

This bed was from Aspace and served me well for about 5 years. 

The crazy cool wallpaper my mum put up on her own! Sad to see this go (mum especially) but after 9 years, I think it was about time.

It took 5 bloody coats of paint to be opaque enough to cover the black, but so worth it.

The bare bones.

I want to do a proper room tour post soon where I tell you where everything is from, but it's not completely how I want it yet, so here are a few after pics to tide you over.

I'm super happy with the outcome so far and feel much more grown up (and safe lol) with a bed that is close to the ground :) I hope you like it as well and stick around for a full room tour - possibly with some Halloween bits and bobs scattered about!

Coco ♡


  1. This is so cute! Its definitely gave me ideas on my room also so thank you haha, Cant wait for the full room tour.. -Chloe x


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