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Sunday, 29 October 2017

The Amazons - Oslo Hackney - 13.10.16

As all of my friends can easily tell you, I. love. bands. Gigs, vinyls, t-shirts, festivals, singing at the top of my lungs and more, I'm a little obsessed...

I've always liked music and even did singing and guitar lessons when I was 12 (I wanted to me Miley Cyrus) which were short lived as I began to focus in on sport. However, I think at the start of year 11 (15 years old) after years of just listening to the top charts, I started using Spotify. This lead me to find SO many artists and bands that I'd never heard of before due to that feature which suggests songs based on some type of algorithm that somehow knows you better than yourself! 

I've created a playlist showcasing my current favourite bands which you can check out here if you want :) I also thought I'd share some pics I took at some of the gigs and festivals I've been to so you can see the face behind the sound... enjoy!

Little Comets - 110 Above 2017
Sundara Karma - Truck 2017 
I love love love(blood) Sunny K and have seen them a couple times at festivals, need to see them on tour asap though.

Get Inuit - 110 Above 2017
Catfish and the Bottlemen - Truck 2016
Absolute crapola picture, but I couldn't not include Catfish! This was one of the best night of my life, even after standing at the barrier for 8 hours... It was worth it though because I caught Van's guitar pick and would have been crushed if I was in the mosh!

The Vaccines - Truck 2017
Marsicans - 110 Above 2017
Marsicans are a newish find of mine and I have definitely had days where I play their album on repeat, sorry family.

Sundara Karma - 110 Above 2017
Ozzy giving me a wave :)

The 1975 - Reading 2016
Circa Waves - Truck 2016
Hinds - Truck 2017
These girls. Honestly they're all my idols! Everything about them is cool: music, fashion, personalities, oh and did I mention they're Spanish? 

D.I.D - 110 Above 2017
Dog is Dead, now D.I.D, were one of the first bands I properly listened to and I haven't stopped since! Also one of the best live shows I've seen.

Blossoms - Reading 2016
The Night Café - Old Blue Last Shoreditch - 7.12.16
 This band is very special to me. I came across their music in a study period at school and immediately was hooked. That same week I randomly saw tickets for a gig they were playing that night in London and just though "why not?" so bought one and went. Unfortunately, it was a school night, extremely late notice and none of my friends had heard of the band so I ended up going alone...  This might not seem like a big deal to most, but it was the first time I kind of let loose and was spontaneous (I'm an avid planner) so I was a little nervy. It was a little weird not having a mate to dance with but I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!

The Wombats - Truck 2017
Kings of Indie-Pop.

Coasts - 110 Above 2017
So, these are just a few of my faves and I plan on seeing as many more as possible this next year (Blaenavon I'm coming for you). Again, here is the playlist if you feel like a boogy - Bangin' Bands

Who is your fave band/artist?

Coco ♡

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