October Book Haul - Halloween Edition

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Did I scare you? No? Okay then... well maybe one of these books will! For most people, the month of October brings rosy cheeks and frosty finger tips, however for me, as soon as the clock strikes one minute past midnight on the 1st, Halloween celebrations are in full flow!
I redecorate my room with spooky little touches, begin baking scary treats (not scary because of the taste, I hope!) and switch up my normal entertainment for a more frightening version :) This means re-watching American Horror Story on Netflix, hiding behind a pillow in paranormal movies and most importantly reading some thrilling books!

This year I bought 6 books, a mix of Thrillers, Horror, Mystery, Crime and more to get into the Halloween spirit. The first one I chose was Frozen Charlotte by Alex Bell, a story about two friends who unleash a ghost from a ouija board resulting in the death of one of them and many more paranormal "accidents" to follow. I finished this in about 2 days and was genuinely terrified when reading alone at night in my house. Seriously scary!

By recommendation from my mum, I next purchased I See You by Clare Mackintosh, a thriller describing the events surrounding a woman called Zoe who finds a picture of herself in the local newspaper but the next day it is gone, replaced by another woman. She realises each woman has become the victim of a violent crime and we follow her in the uncovering and solving of the mystery. Can't wait to read this one!

Next, the book I am currently reading is 13 Minutes by Sarah Pinborough. This spooky story is about a teenage girl who has been found dead in a river but after 13 minutes is revived. Now she is alive and well she is ready to tell her tale, however, she doesn't seem to remember what happened... We follow the investigation into this event and work out whether she is covering up what really happened or if she was the victim of an attempted murder :o Super exciting so far! 

My 4th choice was Behind Closed Doors by B. A. Paris which is a psychological thriller following the lives of Jack and Grace. Their relationship seems perfect, they are completely in love and never apart but as we read on, we realise it is not the same when they are alone "behind closed doors". I think this will be a very interesting and thought provoking read.

One of Us is Lying by Karen M. McManus is my next pick, a story about five students who share detention together however, only four of them leave... This Young Adult mystery uncovers what happened in that room and the secrets that they keep to try and protect each other. This seems right up my street so I think it will be next on my list!

Lastly, we have The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena, another book from my mums shelf. This mystery novel takes us through the panic and devastation of of a couple who leave their baby at home whilst next door at a dinner party, only to discover it is missing when they return. What makes this interesting is that the neighbours who invited them over were the ones who suggested to leave the child unsupervised... Did they have something to do with this? I'm V eager to find out :)

So yeah, that was my Halloween themed book haul! I think everyone will find at least one of these to be the perfect read for them, a few being for a more mature audience and the others for young adults. However, I must point out that all of these would not be suitable for young readers, even Frozen Charlotte which was included in the Zoella Book Club, as nightmares are sure to occur! 
I bought each one from Amazon because of their excellent discounts (a total of under £20!) and they're all linked by their titles. Follow me of Goodreads to keep up to date with what I've got my nose stuck in.
I'm super pumped to read these this month and I'd love to know if you've already read one and your thoughts on the story! Also, do tell me if you plan on reading one so we can have our own mini book club :)

Happy reading!

Coco ♡


  1. Thank you for your suggestions on books, been looking for ones I haven't read yet that would give me Goosebumps haha!

    1. Thank you for reading ♡ These will for sure give you goosebumps!!


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