I Dyed My Hair!

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Ahhh! I finally did it :) I've been wanting to dye my hair for a long time now but have never really had the courage. Well, that and the fact that my school did. not. tolerate any drastic changes of hair colour
(not that this is, I'm literally a darker shade of brown but still I was scared) so I didn't get round to it.
Not anymore though! Now that I am free from the shackles of strict school rules and we have stepped into Autumn (the best season of all) I took the plunge into the world of dark, chocolatey curls for the cooler weather.

Here is a little comparison of my hair before (right) and after (left). As you can see there is actually quite a big change which I am very happy with, mainly because I wanted the difference to be big enough to be worth the money :)

I used the L'Oreal Paris Excellence Creme hair dye in the shade 3 - Natural Darkest Brown (£6.99) pretty much because I trust the brand and have seen lots of adverts for it. I've never properly dyed my hair before so I didn't want to risk choosing a cheaper brand incase it wasn't as good. 
I got my lovely friend, Sophie, to help me out and be my hairdresser (which Fun Fact: I've never actually been to a real one before). The instructions were easy to follow and the outcome was just what I hoped for. 
I was a little naughty and didn't do a patch test, but I know I've never been allergic to anything in the past so took a chance. But really I do recommend doing one, I was just too impatient...

Anyway, I'm super happy now but my mum is getting sick of me checking myself out in the mirror and doing hair flips around the house haha :) 

If you have any tips for coloured hair care or just curly hair in general, do please spill your secrets in the comments! 

Coco ♡

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